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Roofing Adhesive

Roofing adhesive is the material which plays the major role in the rubber roofing. The selection of the right type of the roofing adhesive for the right place and in right quantity and quality is decided by the architect and the civil engineers. For the different types of purposes, the different qualities and types of roofing felt adhesive is used to give rubber roofing required strength. The right type of rubber rood adhesive with right formulation is highly recommended to maintain the high quality and required strength or the purpose of the rubber roof adhesive may be faded.

If right type of adhesive is not applied for the roofing rubber, the desired results cannot, definitely, be achieved. Slight or large scale drainage may be the result of the low quality or not appropriate type of the rubber roof adhesive. The different types and categories of the EPDM adhesive, available at our place at are, Water based EPDM adhesive for adhering one piece membrane to a timber deck, water based deck adhesive and roofing contact adhesive. These three different adhesives are applied for the different purposes.We place three different types of adhesives in different types of the containers with differing quantities. These containers may contain adhesive, ranging from 1.0 liters to 15 liters.

Quality and prompt service is our major ingredients. We assure the delivery of the ordered products to the customer within the 24 hour period after the placement of the confirmed order and the payment.But, the quality is our that ingredient which cannot be bargained at any cost. There are many other factors, such as, price and different types of discounts, can be negotiated with us but not the quality. To enjoy the different discounts, you may contact our marketing team.       

  1. Water Based EPDM Adhesive for adhering One Piece Membrane to a timber deck

    Water Based EPDM Adhesive for adhering One Piece Membrane to a timber deck

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    Price: £26.24 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Water Based Deck Adhesive

    Water Based Deck Adhesive

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    Price: £34.48 (Excl. VAT)

  3. Roofing Contact Adhesive

    Roofing Contact Adhesive

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    Price: £14.98 (Excl. VAT)